Non-Profit Fundraisers:
Learn how to build a highly
successful Facebook
Fundraising Campaign
bringing in over 50 new 
leads per month.

Discover how you can quickly and easily fundraise for your Jewish non-profit through Facebook. I will walk you through 5 fundamental steps in a FREE guide and *BONUS* show you the free tools and resources that worked for me.

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Lori Shuster, Public Relations Consultant

“Working with My Jewish Website on managing Facebook ads has been such a wonderful experience. I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned and how it has changed my understanding of online marketing. I'm able to grow my list... and my business!”

In This Guide, You Will Discover How To:


Deliver your message to specific audiences, especially local Jewish audiences. Reach new supporters by broadening your existing community. Expand your audience to encompass people whom are similar to your existing supporters.


Spark curiosity. Find out what your audience responds to and then dive deep by optimizing your ads to receive more engagement. Once you get to know your audience well, you can give them the type of content  and information that they want. 


You'll have a roadmap and support as you begin advertising on Facebook. This guide will provide practical tips that you can use immediately, along with ways to improve your reach and conversion.


Grow your audience, improve brand awareness for your organization and cultivate a community of donors through Facebook Advertising. Make your organization more visible through advertising and optimization.

About Naomi Lantzman :: My Jewish Website

I help organizations and businesses understand, develop, and properly execute digital marketing strategies that increase interest for their brand. Through web design and development, graphic design, social media, email marketing, copywriting, SEO, PPC/SEM, and public relations, I provide the strategies and solutions that enable your message to reach the right audience at the right time.

What People Are Saying

Ellen Goldberg, Author and Journalist

Naomi is a committed professional who clearly loves and is amazing at what she does. Not only have our products improved a thousand-fold thanks to her expertise and guidance, but also it’s a delight to work with such a caring, can-do individual. I recommend her highly.

Debbi Ballard, Cantor

OMG I LOVE YOU! I’ve had about 5 amazing conversations today with some of our list responders, and it has been the most amazing morning! You’re the best! I really appreciate this! I’m so happy to have a revived energy around enrollment and growth!

Marla Towbin, Synagogue President

[My Jewish Website] was highly recommended to me when we were in need of a reliable and talented group to manage our non profit organization's website, and other communication with our membership, and the community. They are a pleasure to work with, and have always exceeded our expectations on time.

Leslie Rosenberg, Marketing Professional

I’ve known and worked with Naomi for years. She is a brilliant professional who knows new media inside and out. More than just a great designer and programmer, she has “big picture” thinking of marketing, branding and target marketing. I highly recommend her.

A Fully Updated Guide for 5 Easy Ways to Fundraise with Facebook Advertising 

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  • Save time. Save Money. This guide shows you how to create your audience, optimize ads, time your messaging, and proven strategies to reach and engage your audience.

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