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How to Organize Social Change Through Your Website

It’s early 2017 and America is gearing up for an undoubtedly active political year. With a new administration and many changes occurring, people are speaking out and protests are popping up everywhere. It seem every time you turn on the news, you see communities across the nation are coming together to not only show their support for civil liberties, but also enact legislation and advocate on behalf of groups facing discrimination and inequality. Uprisings and protests are taking place daily in major cities and small towns, petitions are circulating and individuals are calling their representatives in congress. People in your community are empowered to create social change NOW and are eager to express their opinions.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Online Engagement

Selecting the right online marketing tools is only accomplished when you know where your audience can be found online. In other words, creating a Facebook page for your organization does you little good if your target market spends little time on Facebook. Are there benefits to having a Facebook page for your organization? Yes, but it may not be your first priority if you have limited resources and time. The only way to determine the priorities of your action plan is to truly understand the needs of your audience. It’s critical to take a good, close look at your audience members and understand where and how they interact online, along with what they’re looking for. Your audience wants to know that you understand them and the the services and programs you’re providing are what they’re looking for. In order to gain this insight, take the time to research where your visitors are coming from, where you’re losing potential visitors and how long it takes for your audience members to identify with the organization and community.

How to Harness User Experience to Improve Your Website

When you’re designing your website and, in particular, setting up its structure, decide what your ultimate goals are and what’s most important for your organization. Many organizations will say that it’s a combination of creating a user experience that resonates with its community and also building brand awareness. This means that people who are not yet involved with the organization can search for the organization and find out how they can become involved. Through these efforts, the organization can not only appeal to its current community, but also grow. We strive to create a memorable and exciting user experience that is easy to navigate and understand. We enjoy creating websites and the best part about designing one is getting to be creative with a customized solution, rather than following templates. Our clients thrive from our paying personal attention to their needs. We focus on the design and development of your website, or how it looks and flows. During development, it’s necessary to build in SEO best practices so your potential audience can find you and your current audience can quickly search for and find what they need. During development, we set up Google Analytics, SEO-friendly URLs, keywords and more. We also provide the tools you need to track your data and adjust your marketing based on what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics can be quite a lot to digest, but we help you out.

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How to Make Your Website Feel Like Home

In Yiddish, there is a term for this: Hamish. It’s an adjective that means cozy and warm. Make your website hamish. When visitors are relaxed, they’re more open to hear what you have to say. They feel as though they know you and vice versa. Encourage your users to keep coming around and to bring their friends along. There are many ways to do this, but our favorite way is to create an ongoing dialogue with visitors. Through marketing and connecting with your ideal users, you can build your mailing list. You can also provide entry points on your website to join the list. Through this list, you can promote your news, events and the overall message of your organization.

How to Convince the Boss it’s Time for a Website Redesign

Let’s face it, at the rapid rate of technological advancements, any website (no matter how awesome or how much money is spent on it) is going to become outdated. New programs are introduced, best practices are modified and Google’s ever-changing algorithm raises the stakes on a regular basis; all making it increasingly important to have a fresh website. Not only a good idea, it’s necessary.

5 Signs You Need to Rebuild Your Non-Profit Website Today

With over 3.5 billion online users, having a website is an absolute must for any business or group looking to stay competitive and gain new customers. In order to build trust and brand awareness, your clients need to be able to find you online. But it’s not as simple as setting up a website and walking away; a successful website requires a significant amount of time and resources to keep them performing well. They need updates, tweaks, and occasionally they need total makeovers and a website rebuild.

These can be difficult to keep up with, so if you’re not sure whether it’s time to rebuild your site, here are some tips to help get you on the right track.

How to Choose the Best Website Strategy for Your Non-Profit

So, you’re in charge of marketing for your non-profit organization. This means you’re the person everyone’s looking at when asking about the newsletter, advertisements, the awesome facebook group and maybe the most important thing… the website. And it’s all about the numbers. Your superiors want to see more of them. More leads converted to sales, a higher ROI and all within a smaller number; the budget. The pressure is on, to say the least. Add time constraints to the mix and it can be tempting to skimp on your website strategy by going with the lowest cost. This is never a good idea. Basing your decision on price alone usually means you’re sacrificing quality, expertise and service. What good is a website if it’s low-quality? You certainly won’t be attracting any new visitors and isn’t that sort of the point? A website should be looked at as more than an investment…a lot more. It’s an online business solution with limitless growth potential for your non-profit. And choosing the right website strategy is beyond important. If you’re marketing for a non-profit and want to see your numbers skyrocket, there are a few things you should ask yourself today…